Narrow Band UVB Phototherapy

Narrow Band UVB Phototherapy

  • Adopts 10 pieces Philips special UV lamp as light source, UVA and UVB can work independently or integratedly.
    Irradiator automatically goes up and down (vertical distance is up to 40cm, rotation angle is 0-90° ), and it can be locked in any angle and rotated in a certain angle; patients can choose to sit or lie during treatment.
    With optional special software of remote control and case management function as well as irradiation intensity meter.
  • What is uv phototherapy?

    UV Phototherapy is a method to prevent and cure diseases by using artificial ultraviolet radiation. It is widely used in the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, pityriasis rosea, eczema and other diseases.At present the best treatment band is the use of narrow spectrum uvb, that is, refers to the wavelength of 311nm uv, light toxicity is small, pigment recovery is more general, so after treatment color difference is small, good cosmetic effect,shorter course of treatment, greater safety, minimal side effects.

  • Cautions before lighting!

    1.Operators and patients should wear special UV goggles to protect their eyes.

    2.Normal skin and Special areas such as genitals should be effectively covered.

    3.Avoid taking light-sensitive food or medicine.

  • 311nm Narrow Band UVB Phototherapy Lamps:


     1.Philips special UV lamps as the light source.

     2.With 10 pieces UV lamps of various combinations(UVA,UVB,UVA-UVB).

     3.Microcomputer controls the radiation dose and time.

     4.UVA output and UVB output work separately or simultaneously.

     5.Microcomputer control and with hardware and software double monitoring function.

     8.With unique anti-interference technology.

     9.With optional special software of remote control and case management functions.

     10.With optional irradiation intensity measurement system.

    $25,000.00 Regular Price
    $22,500.00Sale Price