Envy Red Light Bed

ENVY LED Red Light Bed - Full Body with Elite Facial Add On 
       Only LED Bed  on the market to offer full body treatments and focus on facial applications simultaneously. 
24,000 LEDs make it one of the most advanced & powerful LED Therapy Beds on the market today. 
Photobiomodulation (Low Level Laser Light Therapy)
Compare the Envy to Novathor or Light Wave Red Light Beds Below
More Power, Switchable Wavelengths at a fraction of the price.
LIGHTWAVE’S flagship ELITE panel can step up the full body experience by including an esthetic treatment simultaneously. 

This panel has received 5 FDA clearances for Firming, Wrinkles, Acne, Pigmentation and Pain.   22 Programs

Topical Light Infusion is proprietary technology combining LED light therapy and powerful topicals that dramatically diminish fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration and inflammation while improving the overall appearance of the skin.

The Envy Bed and Elite Facial Panel is Programmed to offer Topical Infusion Treatments such as:
Skin Brightening, Wrinkle Repair, Scar Treatment, Nutrient Masks, Collagen Renewal Firming Mask, Body Firming, Hyaluronic Peptide Plumping Hydration Epidermal Growth Factor, Recovery Blemish and Oil Body.

LIGHTWAVE LED Therapy has been leading the way and setting the standards for Professional LED light therapy systems for 16 years! 
Red & Near Infrared Low Level Light has been proven effective in over 4,000 Clinical Studies.  
* Pain & Inflammation * Faster Recovery *Reduced Cardio-Metobolic Risks * Better Rest Cycles * Less Stress and Depression 


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