FDA Approved Inflammatory acne treatment, eliminate inflammation, promote skin wound healing

  • The KN-7000A is our classic photodynamic therapy PDT machine for skin beauty , it is also called LED light therapy , it adopts high power LEDs, higher output intensity. Excellent market reputation with it's modern appearance and stable performance. Widely used for acne treatment, pigment removal, skin rejuvenation, reducing muscle soreness...

What is photodynamic therapy?

  • LED photodynamic therapy uses this feature that special semiconductor material to emit a single wavelength of light under the action of an external electric field to form different wavelengths of light through different LED, and to apply different power to the skin surface of different symptoms, so that it produces the biochemical effect of light in the irradiated part. The activity of the cells is increased, the metabolism of the cells is promoted, and the skin is secreted with a large amount of collagen and fibrous tissue. At the same time, it can activate the porphyrin metabolized by acne bacillus, and quickly eliminate acne pustules by phototoxic reaction and cell death, thereby promoting wound healing, treating inflammatory acne, and eliminating inflammation.

What are photodynamic therapy advantages?

  • To provide an alternative to oral antibiotics for the treatment of acne

  • Treatment is quick and convenient, no need to take a vacation, no skin irritation, no photosensitive phenomenon, the treatment process is easy, without any pain.

  • Fast, safe, no side effects