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EMK Medical Services  LLC, based in Irvine – California , was established in the year 2014 with a motive to provide premium quality healthcare products & services to both the domestic and international markets. Serving the healthcare segment of USA and surrounding countries,EMK Medical Services LLC has emerged to become one of the leading medical supplies companies in the United States Of America.

With a deep driven vision to deliver quality, EMK is engaged in sourcing, supply, Import & export of medical disposables, hospital equipment & furniture, medical devices, laboratory and dental products. Through the course of time, we have acquired extensive product expertise, gathering market trends to provide one-stop solutions to customer needs. We strive to keep abreast of new trends in medical and healthcare industry to provide best options to our customers.

The professional environment in our organization, smooth operational set ups and experienced/skilled staff differentiates us from other companies operating in the same field.











R & D

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Our focused strategy targets three key areas to provide maximum revenue growth and product longevity across the region. Firstly; “Direct to Consumer products” that address diagnostic and treatment options for many of the leading modern disease conditions. Secondly; a focused approach to the Health and Beauty products that fit into the rapidly growing Anti­Aging and Well Being market. Thirdly; Mature and Innovative Hospital based products that address expanding healthcare needs, generating fresh sales and maximising revenue potentials. Our established infrastructure and expertise in all these markets, including all regulatory processes, means we can support the success of all such devices in the MENA Region.



Consumer healthcare (CHC) is booming in the MENA Region with annual growth rates of nearly 20% in some markets. EMK MEDICAL SERVICES has monitored this trend carefully over the years, taking the strategic decision to establish teams for the promotion of CHC products to capitalise on this opportunity. We have the skills and expertise needed to drive brands, creating the brand equity essential for long term growth of any CHC business. We have strong relationships with the key pharmacy chains in the region (the major outlets for such brands) and can help our partners build a strong presence in the region.

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All multi-national pharmaceutical companies (MNC) have a significant portfolio of mature and established products. Over time, a strategic focus on the newly launched products results in a steady decline in sales of the established brands, as less resources are targeted on their promotion. This decline has to be compensated for by greater growth of the newer portfolios.
The MENA Region is ‘brand orientated'. Historically mature products have had significant investment; consequently they still have significant brand equity, which if promoted effectively, can deliver strong additional sales resulting in an extended life cycle.
We, at EMK MEDICAL SERVICES, have the capability to ”foster” these mature brands, putting in place sales and marketing strategies to grow them further, giving incremental business to the MNC. Once a mature product portfolio has been identified and agreed with the MNC, EMK deploys its own dedicated field force for promotion. The EMK team has excelled in representing multiple therapy areas, demonstrating the additional commercial value of this approach for the extension of the product life cycle.



Supplier and Distributor of medical equipment & disposables for the USA and surrounding region. 

18881 Von Karman Ave, Suite 1170, Irvine, CA 92612

Customer Service : 1-800-674-6878.



Customer Service : 1-800-674-6878.

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18881 Von Karman Ave, Suite 1170, Irvine, CA 92612

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