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EMK Medical Services aims at offering premium quality healthcare products and services to both the domestic as well as international market. The company was established in 2017 and it was based in Irvine California, USA. EMK Medical Services serves the healthcare segment of the US along with the surrounding countries. The company participates in most of the organized trade shows and thus has been among the leading medical supplies company. We are one of the best medical devices companies in Irvine Ca.

EMK Medical Services is dedicated to offering services like sourcing, supply, import and export of medical devices, laboratory and dental products along with the objective of delivering quality services. The company has obtained extensive product expertise throughout its entire course of operations. It followed the ongoing market trends for offering its targeted customers a quality one-stop solution. The entire operational team of EMK Medical Services claims to offer optimum service as per the client’s requirement. We always strive to introduce and continue with the new trend in the entire healthcare industry.

We provide top-quality medical services aiding patients to achieve their goals. Red Light Therapy is one of them. EMK Medical Services have the most competent and trained professional teams that perform the therapy to relieve patients from the various body and skin-related issues. Whether you are suffering from oral issues, skin problems, or even if you are a cancer patient, we tend to deliver safe and optimal results. Contact us for professional red light therapy near me now.

Among the several existing and executing companies in the same field we form to be unique in terms of art, organizational behavior, professional characteristics, and operational trend.

Our Products

The technical team of EMK Medical Services produces high-end revolutionary medical devices for the currently operating healthcare industry and even offers optimum quality services to its customers. Our range of products includes medical devices like Narrowband UVB Phototherapy, Professional Red Light Therapy Devices, PDT LED Light Therapy, Infrared Light Therapy Devices, etc.

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The company is proud to serve the esteemed medical and industrial giants of the existing healthcare market who have the genuine requirements of medical support and service through our deployed high-end medical devices for the advanced treatment of the patients. Our team is associated with the best operating prospects in the market, aligning with complete support, and cooperation.

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