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EMK Medical Services LLC, based in Irvine – California, USA was established in the year 2017 with a motive to provide premium quality healthcare products & services to both the domestic and international markets. Serving the healthcare segment of US and surrounding countries, for the last two decades, EMK Medical Services LLC has emerged to become one of the leading medical supplies companies in the Medical Trade Shows.
With a deep driven vision to deliver quality, EMK Medical Services LLC is engaged in sourcing, supply, Import & export of medical disposables, hospital equipment & furniture, medical devices, laboratory and dental products. Through the course of time, we have acquired extensive product expertise, gathering market trends to provide one-stop solutions to customer needs. We strive to keep abreast of new trends in medical and healthcare industry to provide best options to our customers.
The professional environment in our organization, smooth operational set ups and experienced/skilled staff differentiates us from other companies operating in the same field.





FDA Approved Inflammatory acne treatment, eliminate inflammation, promote skin wound healing

  • The KN-7000A is our classic photodynamic therapy PDT machine for skin beauty , it is also called LED light therapy , it adopts high power LEDs, higher output intensity. Excellent market reputation with it's modern appearance and stable performance. Widely used for acne treatment, pigment removal, skin rejuvenation, reducing muscle soreness...

What is photodynamic therapy?

  • LED photodynamic therapy uses this feature that special semiconductor material to emit a single wavelength of light under the action of an external electric field to form different wavelengths of light through different LED, and to apply different power to the skin surface of different symptoms, so that it produces the biochemical effect of light in the irradiated part. The activity of the cells is increased, the metabolism of the cells is promoted, and the skin is secreted with a large amount of collagen and fibrous tissue. At the same time, it can activate the porphyrin metabolized by acne bacillus, and quickly eliminate acne pustules by phototoxic reaction and cell death, thereby promoting wound healing, treating inflammatory acne, and eliminating inflammation.

What are photodynamic therapy advantages?

  • To provide an alternative to oral antibiotics for the treatment of acne

  • Treatment is quick and convenient, no need to take a vacation, no skin irritation, no photosensitive phenomenon, the treatment process is easy, without any pain.

  • Fast, safe, no side effects



FDA Approved Seborrheic alopecia, alopecia areata treatment

  • international quality control.

  • Designed according to head's characters.

  • Matrix arrangement of laser light dots output balanced luminous energy.

  • Free swing arm design makes the light source suspending at any angle position.

  • 8"rotating touch screen design, simple operation without professional training.

  • Each panel can be controlled separately according to different treatment area.

  • Continued irradiation mode or pulse mode is optional according to requirement of treatment.

  • Treatment head have auxiliary display function, easy for doctor to know the time of treatment.

  • Working distance control device, user can easy and fast to adjust the appropriate distance.

  • Kind voice prompt, make the treatment in a relaxing happy atmosphere.

  • Dual switch key and password protection, avoid being misused.

  • 650nm laser hair loss therapy is a semiconductor cold laser, will not hurt the hair, it is neither a chemical nor a drug, but its penetration is any chemical liquid and drugs can not match, to overcome the past, all kinds of chemical hair disease can not Fully penetrate into the root of the weaknesses.

  • Increase ATP synthesis, promote hair growth

  • Accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp, promote the formation of new blood vessels

  • reduce and control oil secretion, improve hair loss

  • Improve hair cells and stem cell viability, accelerate cell fission

  • Regulate endocrine and improve hair quality

  • Increase the thickness of collagen



FDA Approved vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, pityriasis, rosea treatment

  • Adopts 10 pieces Philips special UV lamp as light source, UVA and UVB can work independently or integrated.
    Irradiator automatically goes up and down (vertical distance is up to 40cm, rotation angle is 0-90° ), and it can be locked in any angle and rotated in a certain angle; patients can choose to sit or lie during treatment.
    With optional special software of remote control and case management function as well as irradiation intensity meter.

  • What is uv phototherapy?

UV Phototherapy is a method to prevent and cure diseases by using artificial ultraviolet radiation. It is widely used in the treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, pityriasis rosea, eczema and other diseases. At present the best treatment band is the use of narrow spectrum uvb, that is, refers to the wavelength of 311nm uv, light toxicity is small, pigment recovery is more general, so after treatment color difference is small, good cosmetic effect shorter course of treatment, greater safety, minimal side effects.

  • Cautions before lighting!

  1. Operators and patients should wear special UV goggles to protect their eyes.

  2. Normal skin and Special areas such as genitals should be effectively covered.

  3. Avoid taking light-sensitive food or medicine.

  4. Philips special UV lamps as the light source.

  5. With 10 pieces UV lamps of various combinations(UVA,UVB,UVA-UVB).

  6. Microcomputer controls the radiation dose and time.

  7. UVA output and UVB output work separately or simultaneously.

  8. Microcomputer control and with hardware and software double monitoring function.

  9. With unique anti-interference technology.

  10. With optional special software of remote control and case management functions.

  11. With optional irradiation intensity measurement system.



Customer Service : 1-800-674-6878.

FAX : 1(800)-886-8022

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